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Vijay Kumar Singh

Nationality: Indian

Gender: male

About the Author

Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, a Reader in the Department of Chinese and Tibetan Language, Panjab University, did his Masters in Buddhist Studies from the University of Delhi and was awarded PhD in Tibetan Buddhism from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has written several papers on Tibetan Buddhism. These have been published in national and international journals and several books. He remains one of the very few scholars in the field of Lam Rim Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Lam Rim teachings are considered to be the base of Buddhist scriptures that reached Tibet from India during the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet in 7th century. In Tibetan language, Lam means path and Rim is graded. Hence, the Lam Rim teaching is considered to be of Indian origin, but developed to its present extent by the Tibetan masters in their own environment with local flavours and soon it earned the respect and command of all the sects and sub-sects of Buddhism in Tibet.

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