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Anindita N. Balslev

Nationality: Indian

Gender: female

About the Author

Anindita N. Balslev (MA, University of Calcutta; PhD, University of Paris) is a philosopher of international repute. Her research and teaching experience span over India, France, USA and Denmark. She has served on the board of several international organizations in USA and has been awarded scholarship from Government of France, twice fellowship from Denmark and recently the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship, New Delhi.
Apart from many papers in professional journals, she is the author of A Study of Time in Indian Philosophy (1st edn, Germany; 2nd, 3rd and now 4th edns, New Delhi); Cultural Otherness: Correspondence with Richard Rorty (OUP, New York, 2000); The Enigma of I-Consciousness (OUP, New Delhi, 2013); A Bouquet of Fourteen Essays: On Indian Philosophical Themes (D.K. Printworld, New Delhi) and Cross Cultural Conversation: A New Way of Learning (Routledge, London, 2019).
She has organized several important CCC international conferences and has edited more than half a dozen books.
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