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ArputhaRani Sengupta

About the Author

ArputhaRani Sengupta is Professor of History of Art, at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi, Stella Maris College, Chennai, and Lasbrey Teachers Training College, Owerri (in Nigeria). She is best known for the cultural history of ancient India focused on Greco-Buddhist reliquary cult intersecting Imperial cult of Rome and fledgling funerary cults across Eurasian Steppe and Han China. Besides contributing to several publications, Sengupta has written and edited books on cult and cultural synthesis in early Indian art and culture. She has authored Indus Valley Seals Navigate Sundarbans Tiger (2016), Buddhist Art and Culture: Symbols & Significance, 2 vols (2013), Kailasanatha Temple: The Realm of Immortals (2009), Manimekalai: Dancer with Magic Bowl (2005), and Art of Terracotta (2004). Corollary to investigative archaeology and art history is the forthcoming Jewellery in Buddhist Reliquary Cult.

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