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1000 Difficult Bible Questions Answered (In Two Volumes)

This 2-Vol. Work is the collection of insightful and meaningful Answers to the most vital and intriguing Questions from the Bible. The Answers are the outcome of painstaking Biblical research done by the Contributors (Scholars, Pastors, Professors a...

1000 Names of Vishnu

In India Vishnu is God the Preserver, the Sustainer of life worshipped by millions in his incarnations as Rama and Krishna. The Thousand Names reiterates a single message -the Lord is everything and everywhere. His names evoke the qualities that ele...

21 - The Monarch Project

21, in the clandestine world of RAW is a top operative and a secret agent. When his name is associated with a bomb blast in Guwahati, he is branded a traitor. The Minister orders to kill him at sight. Anwar, a Naval Commander, jumps in to save him. Bod...

A 20-Something Cool Dude

Ayesha is the usual Delhi girl: vain, driven, romance-fanatic, reserved. By a twist of fate, she ends up in the wrong seat, inside a plane that malfunctions, which lands in the middle of no-where, where she ends up meeting a stranger who changes her li...