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A demand for the Hindi translation of The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking motivated the author to bring out Aatithya.

An Affair with Indian Cooking

Canada based author, Geeta Maini, shares her passion for cooking and her favourite recipes. In Khana Sutra, she provides step-by-step instructions to create a meal you will relish and your guests will remember. From traditional Punjabi meals out of her family kitch...

Cooking Delights of The Maharajas

The ancient heritage of India, its history of kingdoms and emperors comes with a treasure-trove of recipes. The Maharajas of yore were lovers of good food; their tables were laden with the most exotic of cuisines; their recipes were closely-guarded secrets. The rec...

Delicious Encounters

Katy Dalal’s Delicious Encounters includes recipes for all occasions – from festivals to impromptu dinners. Drawing from cuisines across India and expressly modifying European fare to suit the Indian palate, the book lays out breakfast, lunch, brunch, t...

Jamva Chaloji

Katy Dalal’s Jamva Chaloji contains all the traditional recipes which are a hallmark of Parsi cuisine, from fish vindaloo, to sado gos no pulao, to tareli kormi. With colourful photographs and detailed cooking instructions, the book would delight any lagan-nu...

Jamva Chaloji - 2

Katy Dalal’s Jamva Chaloji now has a sequel, with all the traditional Parsi dishes that could not find a place in Part One. It specifically includes rare recipes that today have been forgotten, such as tadi-na-sekta-ni-sing (drumsticks cooked in toddy) and pa...

Seafood Fiesta

Katy Dalal’s Seafood Fiesta is a unique presentation of exclusive fish recipes. The seafood aficionado draws from the cuisines of all the major coastal states of India, such as Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Bengal, and even includes international seafood delights...

Served with Love

We all love our food to pack a punch but rarely find the equilibrium between healthy eating and delicious food. Jeeti Gandhi has perfected this art and her recipes are nutritious without compromising on flavour. Her food mantra is simple: a balanced meal is a healt...

Simply Starters! - Healthy, Non-Fried Appetisers

Today’s life style demands healthy and tasty food. So Shakuntala Saraf, in this unique cookbook, presents a collection of delightful, non-fried vegetarian recipes for appetizers. At family gatherings, parties and get-togethers with friends and acquaintances, ...

The Delights of Vegetarian Cooking

Tarla Dalal’s second book is a sequel to The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking, emphasizing simple, quick and economical dishes, with step-wise instructions. The volume comes with several new sections. There are segments dedicated to Burmese and Mexican food, w...

The Joys of Vegetarian Cooking

In this book, Tarla Dalal presents yet another collection of easy-to-make and delectable recipes. This time though she lists out a special Dieters Menu, specifically for the health conscious, with delicious low-calorie dishes like cucumber and moong dal salad, oran...

The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking

With over two fifty recipes, Padmashri Tarla Dala’s first book, The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking, attempts to make food preparation quick, easy and entirely practical. The volume covers a range of recipes, from soups – such as onion and cream of toma...