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A Theological Response to Street Children : An Empirical Study

The book carefully ties in the problem of street children around the world with the humane acts already done by Christians. This well-explored presentation focuses on the subject which otherwise was always neglected within the social sciences especially in theologi...

Christian Missionaries in Coastal Maharashtra

The present work exhibits deep roots of the Institutions set up by the Christian Missionaries along the coastline of Maharashtra; right from their advent, to their progress and at last their impact on our society. It systematically explores the unmatched dedication...

Christian Music

The book makes an attempt to merge two loggerheads, i.e., contemporary music and traditional music, for a meaningful worship in the church. It is meant to find: What type of music and musical instruments are appropriate for church music and spiritual growth? How an...

Exploring Dalit Liberative Hermeneutics in India and the World

The book presents messages of Jeremiah (one of the ancient Hebrew Prophets), relevant for Dalits in their present predicament. They can look into the inner dynamism with which Jeremiah preached the message of God to the rebellious society then in a very crucial and...

Marriage and Family in the Plan of God

This book is a collection of Saint John Paul II thoughts, which he delivered on various occasions. He is called as the Father of the Families who unceasingly fought for the protection of value of marriage and family through his conferences, homilies and talks. He v...

Slaves of Saudis

When you applied for work in Saudi Arabia, didn’t you think you would work for a few years, make a pile, marry off your daughter or sister, build a home, retire to the good life?
When you paid the huge commission to the recruitment agent and a large f...

Sublime Love
Sublime Love is an enquiry into the heart of all religions and spiritualities, into that which gives them their meaningfulness. In two parts, Sublime Love first meets with and illuminates spiritual love from every angle, and seeks to establish m...
The Cultural Compromise

The book contends that the majority of propositions perceived as cultural compromise (heresy) are, in fact, merely a step towards effective contextualisation rather than a settled formulation. The author asserts that it is the responsibility of ecclesial leadership...

Theories and Methods in the Study of Religions

The book discusses the methodological issues in the study of religions in general and in the context of various approaches to the study of religion such as, the Comparative Science of Religion approach of Max Mueller, Sociological approach of Max Weber and Emile Du...