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21 - The Monarch Project

21, in the clandestine world of RAW is a top operative and a secret agent. When his name is associated with a bomb blast in Guwahati, he is branded a traitor. The Minister orders to kill him at sight. Anwar, a Naval Commander, jumps in to save him. Bod...

A Melody in the Wilderness

It is the story of Gayatri, a doughty lady and her never-ending tales of struggle-despair-triumph on the soil of America. The story interspersed between past and present dealing extensively with American society and polity. The American Civil War in the context of ...

Caught in Two Winds

Brought up in a dysfunctional family, Shayoni sets out to find herself. Her dreams scatter, new ones take their place, but some things are rock solid. Can she depend on anyone? What is genuine and what is not?

Sushant, her brother, grows from a pre...

Coffin Her Back : A Medical Detour

A medical tour will take such a horrendous detour, nobody imagined.

Paula a student from Nigeria was detected with a complex brain tumour. India seemed the cheapest destination. Dr. Neeraj Wadhera, proprietor of a medical tour agency, promised best...

Tears of the Nymphs

When Donkin decided to go live near the Kulong forest, he thought he'd be able to get away from the madding crowd of Shillong. He had no inkling that there are creatures here that were not so human and that he was the only man who would be able to save them fro...


Understanding the Novel: A Theoretical Overview reiterates that the novel remains a relevant and pertinent concept and that any reckoning with the form has to integrally involve its character as a flexible and incorporative genre.This book revisits and col...