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Children Without Childhood

This book expresses the beauty of childhood; beauty that can enhance a child’s future. It enables the readers to shoulder their responsibility as parents and caregivers towards the sacred task of nurturing children in its fullness considering various aspects,...

Consciousness, Gandhi and Yoga

Consciousnes, Gandhi and Yoga explores the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary Odyssey of K. Ramakrishna Rao spanning over a period of sixty years. Rao's journey is a voyage of discovery of hidden treasures of consciousness in both the East and the We...

Cultivating Consciousness

Consciousness is the distinctive and defining future of human condition. Its study is at once fascinating and frustrating, because consciousness is too familiar to ignore and too complex and elusive to understand and explain. Many consider understanding consciousne...


Empathy is a term much used in popular culture and professional circles. Yet it remains one of the most misunderstood tropes. Most people confuse or conflate empathy with sympathy; though related, these involve somewhat radically different affective or psy...

Reconstructing Folk Psychology
Reconstructing Folk Psychology is the outcome of a research that looks into the possibility of locating folk psychological structures and issues within the domain of classical Indian philosophy. Starting from the concepts of belief, desire to perception ...
Theories and Methods in the Study of Religions

The book discusses the methodological issues in the study of religions in general and in the context of various approaches to the study of religion such as, the Comparative Science of Religion approach of Max Mueller, Sociological approach of Max Weber and Emile Du...

Youth and Drugs

In a comprehensive drug report, the United Nations recently declared India as southern Asia’s biggest consumer of heroin. The book is an outcome of extensive research done by the author in knowing the level of harm caused, and bringing out a new initiative to...