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If Walls Could Weep

Though tacit, in our society, marriage is the finale of a woman’s life. If that marriage proves disastrous, she is written off, a forgettable statistic. Among such forgettable figures is Bula.

Abused by her husband and expected to put in stre...

In Love . . . Till my Last Breath

True love comes into our lives, only once. Sometimes, it vanishes all too soon, but sometimes it stays till our last breath. Love is a journey . . . of joy, happiness and at times painful. Some journeys of love do not reach their ultimate destination of togethernes...

Love Lies and The Sea

He is the ferociously vindictive ex-lover. The fiery woman is supposed to be the ‘prey’. Her friends are supposed to be her ‘protectors’. Ever heard of role reversals?
When the body of a girl is found across the railway tracks, confu...

Online @ Offline

Online @ Offline is all about life. . . Life with its manifold varieties, its magnificence, its superciliousness, its morbidity and also its flowering glory and triumphant joy.
The story revolving around three adult people and a little girl...

Pizza Porn

Out of work Nachiket and Tejas, two impressionable and wild youngsters, overhear an Italian businessman say that there are only two businesses in which one can’t lose money – Pizza and Porn. So they decide to start a pizzeria.

Manipal i...

Red is for Love, Black is for Kohl

Naina Shergil, a literature student at the University of Delhi, is headstrong, super-smart, ambitious, and like several others her age, juggling so many college activities with her search of the perfect love. Her bland spell of a boyfriend-less routine, is suddenly...

Soul Seekers

What happens when two simple, unassuming people fall in love and embark on a struggle with their own emotions even while unaware of the plans destiny has for them? Can love survive against odds?
Soul Seekers is a love story that revolves arou...

The Rajput Warrior

The Rajput Warrior is a tale of war, conspiracy and hate, and a pristine tale of love of a warrior princess and a brave prince. Set in the 9th century India, it is the story of two leading dynasties of Rajputana that are creating a foothold in their kingdom as well...