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Cosmology of the Sacred World — The Vision of the Cosmos of Different Peoples of the World
Ancient cultures everywhere sought (among other philosophical speculations), to unravel the mystery of the Universe: its origin, its ultimate root, and what sustains and energizes it. As such, they not only tried to conceive the Universe according to their own vision, but also used varied metaphors/...
Prakrti, the Integral Vision (5 Vols. Set)
PRAKRTI : The Integral Vision explores the concept of the primal Elements (Sky, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, etc.) which has governed and determined the evolution of civilizations and cultures. This 5-volume collection is the outcome of a series of five successive but inter-locked seminars culminating i...
Rta, The Cosmic Order
In the Rig Veda there is a remarkable insight on the notion of Rita or Cosmic Order, the inflexible law of universal order and harmony whereby all disorders and chaos is restored to equilibrium. Rita is, in essence, the ordering principle of nature which gives to everything from the vast galaxies, d...
Shamanic Cosmos — From India to the North Pole Star

Is ‘shaman’ a magical operator? Or could he be a psychic, an exorcist, a bio-energo- therapeutist, a fortune teller, an intermediary between the world of spirits and a human collectivity, a cultural hero, or just a mysterious, nameless person? Notwithstanding decades of extensive res...