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A 20-Something Cool Dude

Ayesha is the usual Delhi girl: vain, driven, romance-fanatic, reserved. By a twist of fate, she ends up in the wrong seat, inside a plane that malfunctions, which lands in the middle of no-where, where she ends up meeting a stranger who changes her li...

A Box of Stolen Moments

This collection of contemporary short fictions offers a kaleidoscopic view of life in all its charms, vagaries, humour and pain. These are not autobiographical pieces but the emotions and feelings that go into the making of a story by blowing up a small situation o...

A Little bit of Nothingness

The teachings of Karl Renz are a bit like Zen Koans — those short statements that stop the minds activity by contemplating their paradoxical meaning. But Karl takes you even further: pondering his words have the power to turn the mind back upon itself, toward...

Aah! The Light

If you are looking for an explosive book by some kind of nerd, delving into abstract symbols, or a spiritual pundit floating in a metaphysical haze, then this book is not meant for you.
This is simply an extraordinary book by an ordinary woman who has enjoy...

Anything for Friends
Never propose to a girl via SMS or email or letter. Propose to her face to face. In writing, you leave behind evidence against yourself. Verbally, you can show your emotions and most importantly, you can run from your own statement without leaving any evidence.&n...
Blood Rain and Other Stories

Blood Rain and Other Stories contains fifteen stories that explore life situations embedded in contemporary reality marked by violence, selfishness, insensitivity, anxiety, corruption and revenge. They are also alive to the presence of love and forgiveness, though ...

Can God Improve My Balance Sheet?

When you aspire to attain success like never before,your plan of action cannot be that somehow you will conspire to make luck strike you and lightning strike your competitors! Though commendably simple and straightforward, the strategy is beyond your powers of mani...

Colours of Shadow

The characters in the stories dance in tune to each other; they track life through the lives around. Broken marriages, secret pain, abandoned desire, remembered roots set the plots. In a dystopic world of disorders, the women and the men, flawed and lonely, look fo...

Curse of Badam Pahar

Badam Pahar and Lifting forest, the abode of tribal gods, were desecrated by invaders for grabbing fertile land and forest with abundant natural resources. Hundreds of tribal people were killed and many more forcibly taken away to work in mines and tea plantations....


Dashavatar is a collection of ten spell-binding stories for children. In each of the narratives, the world is on the brink of collapse, entrenched in vice and sin, when the Lord decides to intervene and rescue it. He takes on a variety of forms, sometimes splendoro...

Divya The Rainbow Child

On one level, this is the story of a bright, inquisitive, affectionate ' - child — Divya — who has to grapple with some of life's toughest problems in her troublesome `destiny' of cancer. And it is about her loving relationship with her That...

Dove or a Man

The stories offer a unique peek into rural and cultural landscapes of Bankura district, Purulia, Bengal, presenting a glimpse into the life of ordinary people in varying socio-cultural settings. The tales reflect the mind and mood of the land by probing themes and ...

During the Journey and Other Stories

Sethu belongs to a highly innovative generation of fiction writers in Malayalam who pioneered a radical transformation of sensibility in the sixties and early seventies. A pre-occupation with the abnormal, the morbid and the weird in life and attitude, an explorati...

East West Crossroads

It is a collection of short stories on the collaboration and contrast between the Indian and American cultures. From the Indian smitten by the American dream to one disillusioned by materialistic ways, we meet a wide variety of people. Some of them are imitators of...

Fly on the Wall and Other Stories

In her debut book Fly on the Wall and Other Stories, author and civil servant, Shubha Sarma examines different facets of life’s narrative with detachment, precision and compassion. The subjects range from up-market, urban settings to the depths of rural Odish...

Four Homeless Millionaires

In the throes of a global recession as economists advised fierce fiscal restraint, Rik and Zara Leaf sold their house and spent a year traveling around the world with their son Zion and daughter Riel, investing their life savings in the adventure of a lifetime.


Hanuman is the lord of many identities: the son of Vayu (the keeper of the winds), the patron deity of yoga, the most devout of all disciples in Ramayana, and the beloved of Indians, young and old. Radhika Sekar’s Hanuman celebrates the many aspects of the mo...

His Fathers Mistress

Sumit loves fast cars, fast women and life. He is the spoilt estranged son of the erstwhile royal who has successfully turned into a hotel tycoon, the Maharao DVS Nausar (also known as Devious Singh Nausar).
Intent on his hedonistic lifestyle, his father&rs...

I Will Never Find Another U

Love is that which inspires us. Love is that which makes us believe in miracles. Love is that changes one to be a good human being. Karan and Vandana, two teenagers were mad and made for each other. How does love inspire them? How does love make them believe in des...

In Between Corridors

In Between Corridors is an unusual fiction book written in the form of letters, diaries, jottings and rhyme. It comes from a belief that every person leads his life as though entangled in corridors and has the right to make his or her own choices by opening the rig...

In Search of Sticks

In Search of Sticks simultaneously challenges the intellect while surfacing raw emotional response. James, by the standards one generally uses to measure a life, is accomplished. Still, he twists. What if, in the final analysis, it ends up being as much about that which wasn't don...


You will realize that no matter what experiences you had in the past or what your present circumstances are, you still have immense potential to achieve your life goals. It is never too late to begin. This book introduces the HLP principle which will launch you towards them. It will help you h...

Life Odds and Ends

Life is an interesting puzzle that we all solve in our own ways. Here, four such puzzles take the form of stories in which friends, lovers and partners navigate the labyrinths of modern life.
If Aliya, the protagonist in ‘Drawing Parallels&rs...

Make Up and Break Up Stories

The stories in the book are just not stories, but a diorama of contemporary life. The characters, people and the protagonists are all modern and coetaneous as if with a vengeance. The author touches on subtly the problems gripping our societies, the preference give...

Marriage without Marriage

Has God made a woman strong enough to defend herself like her male counterpart? Can she realize her potentials to the optimum to defend herself when her own beauty becomes a curse to her?
This is the journey of a simple girl from the slums of Solan to the b...

Not a Serpent Not a Rope
Enlightenment. What is it? Much has been written about it. Many have tried to describe it or show how to attain it.  
Does one get enlightenment from reading about how to get it? Or listening to a guru who is enlig...
Nothing is Everything

Nisargadatta Maharaj is undoubtedly the Ultimate Alchemist and his non-dual teachings, the Ultimate Alchemy.
This book is a live satsang with Satguru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, covering rare and unpublished conversations with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj which h...

One at a Time

This is a collection of short stories written by Pravin Gandhi, to be savored one at a time. Some touch a sensitive chord, while others are quirky or piquant situations in a scientific fantasy. Some are high on drama and yet another describes life ...

Rainbows in the Desert and Other Stories

Every face has a story behind it. In her collection of seven novellas like the hues of a rainbow, Archna Pant gently lifts the veil and allows you to see the dreams and tragedies of ordinary lives and, as gently, lets it fall again.

An innocent liv...

Rising Sun Melting Mists

This book is a collection of articles written over a period of a few years and later put together. The astounding first intimation to the effect that, by the word GOD, all saints and sages of all times have implied the realizable truth of oneself, was received by t...

Shifting Clouds : An Anthology of Short Stories

The wind blows as the clouds shift and change their contour texture and color every minute. The play of light and shade is so much like shades of our own emotions - complex yet so simple, volatile yet so prominent, obvious yet so unpredictable.


That Man in the Mirror

How far one should go to help his sibling... Can we draw a line in blood relationships?
What happens...when we stop counting our blessings and long for fictitious pleasures, when lust takes over gentle senile notions of love and when you lie to yourself and...

The Arrival
A cursed village, isolated from the rest of the world, where everyone wore masks and feared to face their own shadows. The inhabitants had pledged their souls to devil’s wicked designs.
The Dicey Problem of New Age Science

Order flows from consistent laws. Our understanding of our universe is changing, but Reality behind it is unchanged. Einstein’s relativity amended Newtonian determinism, and was in turn amended by quantum mechanics. Einstein saw a harmonious advance in knowle...

The House of Twining Roses

This is a collection of stories that span the lives of women and girls caught in the snare of history and society. The travails of the partition of the Indian sub-continent, a neoliberal India, non-resident joys and fears, and also coming of age in surroundings tha...

The Incubation Chamber

The Incubation Chamber is a volume dedicated to women in all their various avatars, strong as well as defenseless. These deceptively simple and convincingly charming stories are all about women…women with mettle, with ambitions and aspirations, women who are...

The Rushdie Affair

In this book, Daniel Pipes, director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, explains why the publication of the The Satanic Verses became a cataclysmic event, with far-reaching consequences. Pipes details what the fundamentalists perceived, and w...

The Suicide Diary

The deathly, serpentine grip of society squeezes the will to live from a man whose solitary ways make him an easy target. Deprived of pride, love and all things decent in human life, the timid, cowering man is left with despair, hate and a sense of injustice done t...

The Unfortunate Kidnapping : Tales of Destiny

The stories in this collection celebrate the journey of life - its different colours, its different forms, its ups and downs. Adversity unfolds with Ganesh’s Kidnapping, compassion shows off its power with a Dramatic Rescue, as Granny’s Angel Anindita d...

The World United

What is to be done about the global economic crisis? What about the political instability in so many countries today? These and other critical problems are just not going to go away, so we need to find solutions. But how? And where? Some might say we need a Savior....

Then, Now and Beyond

A young Arabian Prince gets killed by his jealous cousins for power and wealth. What would happen if this soul is reincarnated in a middle-class Indian family.
This is what happened with Jeeban and Sulekha’s five year old child. This unusual child cou...

Things Left Unsaid. . .
Things Left Unsaid is a collection of stories that traverse a wide tract of emotions, time, space and characters. Each story is of abiding human interest, told with a rare honesty and sincerity and underlined by a deep sense of empathy and understanding of human ...
What is Life?

Since the beginning of the recorded time in human history, countless souls have taken birth but today, we remember only those who did something more than just caring to earn their bread. The basic difference between the ordinary mortals and some of the greatest men...