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A Christian Response to Human Cloning

The objective of this Book is to scrutinize the development in the field of Human Cloning in the light of its intentions and implications on marriage, family and the larger society. It provides a comparison of the first mother called ‘Edenic Eve’ from C...

Christian Cosmology

The Book provides a concise study of Cosmology by comprehensively dealing with the historical background of Cosmology. It amplifies the origin and the problems of creation by basing itself substantially on Philosophy - both the eastern and the western understanding...

Death Must Die
“Looking at Her I felt that she is not a body, but just light. She seemed to see through me with all my shortcomings. All night I prayed to Her: Take possession of me completely, don’t let a particle of me remain.”
Epistemology, Science and Cognition

The papers collected in this volume focus on the phenomenon of cognition from the epistemological point of view in the light of the linguistic and the cognitivist shift in philosophy in general and in philosophy of science in p...

Exploring Science in Ancient Indian Texts

Philosophical and cultural factors play a significant role in developing scientific theories and interpreting data. These factors are also influential in assessing science and technology. We experience a visible distinction in the philosophy and culture of the West...

Insights from Science and Silence in Arrangement with Financial Chronicle

This book contains short articles on science and spirituality meant for general audience, who may or may not be organisationally religious. They are meant to inspire a band of young men and women to think deeply about themselves, leading to deeper insights and wisd...

Minerals and Metals in Ancient India (2 Vols. Set)

In two volumes, the book tells the fascinating, coherentlywoven story of the Minerals and Metals -- from across the entire sub-continental sprawl of the old-world India (including Pakistan and Ba...

Minerals and Metals in Pre-Modern India

A Sequel to his widely acclaimed Minerals and Metals in Ancient India, in two volumes, (1996), Professor Biswas here continues with the fascinating story of &...

Science and Technology in Ancient Indian Texts

The volume comprises seminar presentations by experts from India and abroad involved in the study of development of the natural sciences in ancient India. It offers eighteen papers from the seminar that showcase and project the Vedic literature as a ...

Science and the Myth of Progress
Can the knowledge provided by modern science satisfy our need to know the most profound nature of reality and of humanity?
“The great advantage of this book is that it puts together texts of authors (scientists, p...
Science Consciousness Freedom
The purpose of this work is to carve out a path for achieving the integration of man, a multi-dimensional being, in the background of the three worlds — physicality, psychicality and spirituality. These three worlds are the different facets of man as a mult...
Science in Archaeology and Archaeo-Materials

Archaeology seeks to reconstruct the past by critically analysing various archaeo-remains such as artefacts, monuments, fossils etc. While much of what archaeology teaches, such as the postulates...

The Marvels of Cosmos

The Book deals with the Mathematical Zero and its Philosophical applications; Quantum Reality and Big Bang Cosmology; Quantum Zero and the Origin of the Universe; Philosophic Theological appraisal of the Nothingness, based on  linguistic, numerical, physical a...

The Science of Philosophy

The volume is concerned with the concept of consciousness and its incorporation in physical theories. It tries to look for a unifying mechanism for fundamental processes taking place inside the human being which are responsible...

VARANASI: Myths and Scientific Studies

Varanasi enjoys reputation of being one of the oldest living cities of the world. Recent archaeological findings, for instance, take the antiquity of this city contemporary to the Later Vedic period (about 1800 bce). The cultural history of this city is woven with ...