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Christ the Guru
The ocean of philosophical insight hiding in the words and story of Jesus Christ has influenced and charged millions of people and are still inspiring. The teaching and philosophy discerned across the four Gospels — According to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — have stirred the philosophical persp...
Christianity for Hindus
Christianity is the world’s largest religion today: about 33.6 per cent of the world’s population has Christianity as their religion. It is also a religion that struck roots early in India — as early as middle of the first century ce. The book is an account on Christianity that blends aspects ...
Crossess — Christian and Otherwise
In “top-of-the-mind” reading, crosses are the iconographic representation of Christianity, though cross became an embodiment of Christian iconography only after the fifth century ce. In this volume, the author unveils the existence of 500 plus crosses, of which around 300 are of ecclesiastical, ...
Make Time for Yourself It’s Your time
The book Make Time for Yourself – It’s Your Time is a text written from a very personal standpoint, in the context of the author’s spiritual life as a monk. “Nothing in this world has eternal value. Use your time and don’t waste it. . . .” “Time is for most of us a luxury good.” M...
Sacrifice and Cosmos — Yajna and the Eucharist in Dialogue
In Hinduism, yajna has been at the centre of Vedic thought and practice, epic and Puranic literature. The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita add new dimensions to it through their spiritualization and interiorization and raising tapas and bhakti into sacrifice. The concept of sacrifice has been transf...
Void and Fullness in the Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Traditions — Sunya — Purna — Pleroma
Interreligious dialogue is one of the important ways for overcoming cultural and religious differences and misunderstandings, and for contributing to world peace. But such a dialogue has to go beyond the social, institutional and purely academic areas: it has to reach the very depths of the spiritua...
Windows to World Religions
The volume is concerned with the role of religion in the present day. Presenting proceedings of a global “Congress on World’s Religions after September 11” held in September 2006 at Montreal, Canada, it stresses the need for interfaith friendships to develop understanding between faiths and re...