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ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index Volume Four

Volume four contains 1344 records on South and Southeast Asia selected out of 1800 records from the ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index database. Volume four has been compiled by the ABIA project team at IGNCA New Delhi. It includes all forms of scholarly publication...

Archaeology in the Third World — A History of Indian Archaeology Since 1947

This book offers an authoritative historical frame of archaeological research in post-Independence India. It outlines the early evolution of the new India’s archaeological policy and the wide range of discoveries, which accompanied it. It shows how in the first flush of Independence ar...

Archaeology of Mayurbhanj

Mayurbhanj, the leading princely state of Orissa in the pre-independence days, heroically encountered the twists and turns of history under the peacock-emblemed Bhanjas and continued to flourish for many centuries as an independent sub-regional kingdom, enriching Orissan history and cult...

History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: Vol. 2 (c. AD 1310 to c. AD 1885)

Epigraphy, or the study of inscriptions, has played a very important role in reconstructing the history of India. Tamil Nadu in particular has a very large number of epigraphs, which have been of immense help to historians in writing about the history of the Tamil country. The majority o...

Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology No. 10-11 (2014-15)
Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology was launched in 2003 by one of India’s leading academic institutions, the Centre for Research & Training in History, Archaeology and Palaeo-environment, New Delhi. The second issue is in the Press. The Journal is an outcome of the realization on the part of ...
Kampilya: Quest for a Mahabharata City

Kampil (Farrukhabad District, U.P.) is a typical Indian village in the fertile terrain of the Ganga-Yamuna Doab. Known for its long, glorious past, the village has, since A. Cunningham’s visit here in 1878, compelled increasing attention of the archaeologists seeking to explore its pos...