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Akbar, The Aesthete

Mughal miniatures are a vivid account of the cultural, sociopolitical scenario of the Mughal era. Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar, the most powerful Mughal emperor, was a great aesthete and promoter ...

Approaches to History

History as a social science is arguably more self-reflective than associated disciplines in that family. Other social scientists seem to see little reason to look beyond the paradigm they are developing in the present times. Historians on the other hand, tend to de...

Bible History of the Old and New Testaments

The Book provides a comprehensive coverage in relation to History of Bible, and of Churches. It includes sequential timelines, Biblical facts, and overviews of History of both BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini). The Author encircles this phenomenal account of ...

Hindu Nationalism and the Indian Church

In this book, the author attempts to re-construe an Indian ecclesiology vis-à-vis the narrowly defined ideals of Hindu nationalism in contemporary India by analyzing and investigating the ecclesiological thoughts of Martin Luther, the 16th century Protestant...

The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho
With an altogether different approach to Khajuraho from the usual one, which overemphasizes erotic sculptures, the present work highlights Khajuraho’s significant contribution to the religious art of India. The book presents an iconological study of the pri...