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Conservation of Wooden Objects

The book deals exhaustively with conservation of our ancient heritage existent in the form of wooden artefacts. This volume contains four chapters. The first chapter deals with the history of use of wood, location of wooden artefacts and the n...

Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management attempts an integrated approach to tourism development, focusing on sustainability and authenticity of tourism experiences asĀ  effective responses to changes in tourism patterns and relationship matrix,...

MUSEUMS OF INDIA: A Directory (Fourth Revised Editon)

The Directory of Museums in India has been prepared with the objective of collecting at one place all the basic information on museums, the type of information normally required by any prospective visitor/tourist. For each museum in the country, it gives full addre...

Sculptures and Antiquities in the Archaeological Museum, Amravati

The Amaravati sculptures are famous throughout the world for their special features and they form a distinct school of art called Amaravati school of art. Though Amaravati art pieces take the pride of place in India's best museums, the scu...