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(ISSN 0971-9628)

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Idealistic Thought in Indian Philosophy

The development of Drishti-Srishti-vada from its emergence till its establishment has been systematically presented in this book entitled 'Idealistic Thought in Indian Philosophy....

Karma and Reincarnation

The atman (soul), in the Eastern belief system, is eternal, immortal. The phenomenon of (physical) death is, thus, nothing but its disembodiment and its 'reincarnation' in a new b...

Shaivism in the Light of Epics, Puranas and Agamas
Shaivism encompasses all aspects of religion: a philosophy, a theology, a conception of the universe, a current of devotion, a world of myths, elaborate rituals in organized temples, expressions in plastic arts, in poetry, music, dance. Images of Shi...
Stonemill and Bhakti

Tangible patrimony usually attracts attention and efforts of preservation. Intangible cultural traditions do often go with the winds of history when their social and material setting disappears. Suc...

Vedanta and its Philosophical Development

The problem of reconciliation of mutually incompatible Upanishadic statements on some of the basic problems has attracted the attention of almost all the major philosophers of Vedanta.&...