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Buddhism as/in Performance

Professor George has ventured into a comparatively unchartered area seeking, as he does, to explore the art and concept of performance in Buddhism -- more specially in the context of Buddhist meditation and theatre. Spelling ou...

Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian

This study offers a fresh approach in comparing ancient Greek and Indian dramatic theories. Instead of treating the Poetics and the Natyashastra as Western a...

Gender, Space and Resistance

This book explores the presence and contribution of women to the recorded history of Indian theatre. It provides a platform to raise, discuss and debate issues, aesthetics and techniques connected with the Indian theatre in the backdrop of political, social and mor...

Movement and Mimesis

The antiquity of dance in India is well known but its precise characteristics are not. What, exactly, constituted dancing? How was it distinguished from other performing arts? These and other fundamental questions about the nat...

Performing Artistes in Ancient India

Theatre in ancient India or natya incorporated various aspects of art and different branches of knowledge in its very definition -- not only histrionics but also dance, music and fine arts and branches of learning like h...

Performing for Tourists

This book is about the culture of performing traditional dance, drama and musical forms for tourists, and is based on the research carried out at Ubud (Bali/Indonesia). This bo...

Sanskrit Drama

Prahasana and the Vithi are two of the major playforms in Sanskrit Drama. Though studies on some individual prahasanas and vithis have appeared from time to time in research journals, there is no comprehensive study of the two playforms on comparative basis, undertak...

The Actress in the Public Theatres of Calcutta
The flourishing world of Bengali theatre in the latter half of the nineteenth century saw numerous regular amateur and private theatre groups come of age. However, it was a world peopled exclusively by men as they also played the parts of women in the dramas. Wom...
The Royal Temple Theater of Krishnattam
Krishnattam, a unique Sanskrit ritualistic dance-theater of Kerala, is one among India’s treasure trove of rare living artistic masterpieces. In time past, Krishnattam, based on the Sanskrit poem Krishnagiti by the Zamorin King Manaveda, thrived in the roya...

The doctrine of dhvani, expounded by Anandavardhana (ninth century ce) in Kashmir though contested by his contemporaries at home, received sound acclamation in Kerala. A royal dramatist — Kulashekhara – of the same century applied dhvani