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Divine Hymns with Supreme Devotional Aphorisms
Swami Hariharananda Aranya (1869 — 1947) tackled the problems of widespread misconceptions that Samkhya-yoga philosophy, besides being atheistic has no time for devotion, by writing in simple Sanskrit / Bengali (a) short and easy to memorize hymns, (b) coge...
Samkhya Across the Millenniums
The book deals with three landmarks of Samkhya philosophy, the oldest of the Indian philosophical systems. The first, the aphorisms of Panchashikha etc. are fragmentary remains of compositions by the sages in the Upanishadic era; the second, Ishvarakrishna's ...
The Doctrine of Karma

That Karma, whether visible actions or thinking preceding it of man, animal or plant and result thereof basically follow the law of cause and effect has been explained here: Interspersed with it are relevant views of philosophy, both Eastern and Western, as also of...

Yoga Karika

A Commentary in verse on Yoga-sutras of Patanjali and Vyasa-bhashya with further elaboration in Sanskrit and Bengali, the first philosophical work of the author bears the stamp of his genius like all his later works. For 20 years it remained as manuscript until a l...

Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati
People gibly speak of Yoga without realising that it forms an integral part of a composite Samkhya-yoga philosophy, the oldest philosophical system in the world. Samkhya provides the theoretical base without which one can neither fathom the terse aphorisms of Pat...