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Sushil Kumar Saxena| Home

This work may well be expected to serve as an introduction to the study of aesthetics, suitable alike to the needs of our students and the general reader. A fair part of it dea...

Avenues to Beauty
<p align="justify"><span style="FONT-SIZE: small; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"><span style="FONT-SIZE: small; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">This book may well be expected to interest one and all, if only because of the diversity of its content and the way it has been pre...
Hindustani Sangeet

There are three major ways of looking at Hindustani sangeet. An easy-to-follow discussion of its basic concepts is one. A truthful and sympathetic, yet not merely laudatory, account of the life and art of some of its masterly exponents ...

Hindustani Sangeet and a Philosopher of Art

The book is decidedly the very first of its kind. It seeks to weigh some basic facts and concepts of Hindustani sangeet (music, rhythm, and Kathak dance) against the art theories of Susanne K. Langer, an eminent aestheti...

The Winged Form

This collection of essays, a thoroughly revised and enlarged version of its first earlier edition (1979), is a pioneering treatment of the Hindustani rhythm in the way of contemporary (Western) aesthetics. It seeks, on the one hand, to determine and distinguish the meaning of such key words as...