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Sures Chandra Banerji| Home
Companion to Dharmasastra
Dharmashastra is not just a corpus of scriptural texts. It is rather a genre, in its own right, of writings comprising prescriptive codes of righteous conduct in different spheres: whether familial, societal, ritualistic, legal, or even political. For the first time, this book offers a quintessentia...
Cultural Glory of Ancient India — A Literary Overview
India is a land of communities, and Kashmiri Pandits are one of them. Though they are the original inhabitants of the Kashmir valley famous the world over for its beauty and learning, they are living in their own country as refugees since 1989 due to religious persecution, ethnic cleansing and terro...
Society in Ancient India: Evolution since the Vedic Times based on Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit and Other Classical Sources
It is a fascinating, meticulously documented study unveiling, for the first time, the ancient Indian society in all its variegated evolutionary expressions across about two-and-a-half millennia: since the Vedic times (c. 1500 BC) — with a beautifully well-knit account of its religions and cultic p...