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Shrikant G Talageri| Home
Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalism

History is a very potent subject. Politics can be, and very often is, based  on it. A nation which forgets, or falsifies, or wilfully ignores, or glosses over the lessons of its history is a nation heading towards doom. And, conversely, when a nation is intend...

The Rigveda

The Rigveda is the oldest and most important source of material for India, Indo-Aryan, and even Indo-European history. It is a text which has been part of a hoary and widespread living tradition thousands of years old. Naturally, a text which has remained alive, as...

The Rigveda and the Avesta

The location of the Original Homeland of the Indo-European family of  languages is the single most significant unresolved problem in the study of  World History today. This is because it is the most important family of  languages in terms of the numb...