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Sanskrit Across Cultures
Sanskrit may be said to be one of the oldest extant languages of the Indo-European group of languages. It is hailed as the memory of the human race and its earliest cultural history. No serious study of the world civilization and cultures of different countries will be possible without understanding...
Sanskrit and Other Indian Languages
This book is mainly a compilation of articles which were primarily presented at the Sanskrit Week Programme organized by the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from 7–14 August 2006. A few articles have, however, been added later on. Sanskrit and Other Ind...
Veda as Word
The present volume is a collection of papers originally presented at the first National Seminar held at the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi, during 11-13 February, 2005 on Veda as Word. The book covers in its gamut Vedic philosophy, phonetics, ritual, accentology, mantravijnana, ...
Vedamritabindavah (Drops of Vedic Nectar)
Vedamritabindavah (Drops of Vedic Nectar) is a modest tribute to those who are genuinely interested in Vedas’ universal message. It is a collection of select Vedic statements with Hindi and English translations intending to communicate the Vedic wisdom to the young people of modern age. This book...