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Festival of Light

Deepavali – one of India’s biggest and most popular festivals,  comes with a treasure-trove of legends. Festival of Lights narrates each of them. It tells the young reader why Indians light a hundred lamps on diwali, why they worship Goddess Lakshm...


Hanuman is the lord of many identities: the son of Vayu (the keeper of the winds), the patron deity of yoga, the most devout of all disciples in Ramayana, and the beloved of Indians, young and old. Radhika Sekar’s Hanuman celebrates the many aspects of the mo...

Lord of Beginnings

Radhika Sekar’s book is an enchanting exploration of the life of the god of all beginnings, Ganesha. The collection of stories should answer the questions that trouble every curious child. How did Ganesha get an elephant’s head? Why is his right tusk br...