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R.N. Kogata| Home
In the life of a human being the most sweet and memorable part is its childhood, say from its second year till its seventh or eighth. During this time the child is very innocent, full of life, playful, has no responsibility or worry, and when in fear or pain it calls its mother and she is there ever...
Indian Marriage — Customs and Rituals
Marriage is considered a very significant ritual for giving society’s sanction to a close relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife. It is, therefore, also called a social system. The marriage ceremony is a combination of many rituals, based on information contained in Hindu scrip...
Maa — Mother
“Sree Maatre Namah” — Pranaams to mother. With these words starts Latitaa Sahasranaam, or the 1,000 names of Devi. The privilege you can take with your mother, you cannot take even with your father. During the nine months a baby is inside the mother, the mother gives her own food, blood and no...
Pati — Husband in the eyes of Wife
A man has many roles to play in life — a son, brother, husband, householder and father. The most important of these roles is that of husband. Only after becoming a husband a man becomes a householder and father. Epics, Puranas and other literature extol the role of a husband and list a number of ...
Patnee — Wife in the Eyes of Husband
A woman has many roles to play in life — a daughter, sister, wife and mother. The most important of these roles is that of wife. Only after becoming a wife a woman becomes a mother which brings fullness to her life. Epics, Puranas and other literature extol the imporance of wife to a husband. She...
Pita — Father
Taittiriya Upanishad says, “Pitru devo bhava” — consider your father as a god. We owe our existence to our father and mother, and in that sense they are our creators and therefore, gods. We cannot see God, the Creator of this universe, in person and offer our respects to Him. To make matters e...