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Language and Mind — Vol. 1: Western Perspective
This work is a collection of papers dealing with the problems concerning the relation between language and mind. It focuses on the recent developments in the philosophy of language and mind, particularly with regard to the computational approach to this subject. The computational approach defended b...
Linguistic Representations: The Road Ahead
The essays in this volume deal with the nature of linguistic representations as distinguished from other types of representations, including mental representations. These study language and linguistic representations, examining crucial questions like nature of language and language as a source of kn...
Philosophy of Meaning and Representation
Surveying all the landmark developments in the recent philosophy of language, the book focusses on ‘meaning’ and ‘linguistic representations’ in its thematic effort to propose a representational theory of meaning. Meaning is the autonomous component of language: its semantic content and its ...
Philosophy of Wittgenstein — Indian Responses
The book is open-minded evaluation of Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language from fresh perspectives to bring out its contemporary significance. Including papers presented by noted Indian philosophers at a naional seminar, it examines the special place of WIttgenstein in the development of philosop...