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Gandhi and Nonviolence

The volume presents a selection comprehensively toward a comparative study of civil rights action and movements, critically appraising the rich body of literature, narratives and media images that have come to light in recent years on this global phenomenon. This v...

Horizons of the Self in Hindu Thought
There is a variety of competing ideas about the nature of self in the Hindu tradition. Efforts to bring them together under a unitary conception were underway for many centuries. Much of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Oriental scholarship and the latter-d...
Philosophies of Religion India and the West

The study book explores cross-cultural inquiry into the philosophy of religions. Philosophy of Religion in the West has focused on proving the existence of God and accounting for the persistence of Evil or "sin" in the world. This tension arises from clai...



Shabdapramana or 'Testimony' is a formidable doctrine within Indian philosophy. A thorough investigation of this thesis is l...

The Indian Diaspora

Since the late 1990s, the Indian community in Australia has grown faster than any other immigrant community. The Indian Diaspora has made substantial contributions to the multi-ethnic and multi-religious diversity within Australia. The growth of Hinduism and Sikhis...