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P.L. Bhargava| Home
Retrieval of History from Puranic Myths — Exposure of late Puranic myths about some great characters of the earliest Indian history
Did Rama banish his wife Sita? Did Krishna have Radha for his companion? Was Shakuntala Vishvamitra’s daughter? Could Bhagiratha bring about the Ganga’s descent from heaven? Or, was Vyasa really the author of the traditional eighteen puranas? Addressing these and other similar questions, Dr. Bha...
Vedic Religion and Culture — An Exposition of Distinct Facets
Despite two centuries of their multifarious, critical studies in India and the Western world, Vedic writings unveil myriad questions that have either baffled scholars or have led to serious controversies. A distinguished Indologist, Professor P.L. Bhargava marshals, for the first time, indisputable ...