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Antiquities of Himachal

Antiquities of Himachal attempts to acquaint the reader with little known wooden and stone temples, sculptures in wood and stone, bronzes, and that unique form of art--the metal mask or mohra. A number of indigenous wooden temples which incorporate and continue the...

Bastar Folk Art: Shrines, Figurines and Memorials
The present work documents different aspects of the cultural heritage of the district of Bastar. While the varied lifestyles of the Maria and Muria Gonds, and other groups, have been the focus of considerable anthropological research, relatively little is known o...
Ear Ornaments of Ancient India
This is the first time that earrings worn in ancient India are studied comprehensively taking into account the excavated material which is compared to the earrings depicted on the sculptures of the different periods. A classification is attempted on the basis of ...