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Ancient Gods and Heroes of East and West
This book is a study of the people of nomadic groups or clans of Central Asia from about 6000 bce to the last millennium bce to explore why cultures and history developed the way they did in Central Asia by taking up the Indo-European and other settlements — notably, the Greeks, the ancient Irania...
Ancient Movements of Indo-Aryans and Indo-Aranians
In an attempt to explore the ancient history of Central Asia and of the movement of ancient peoples, the work examines the affinities and interactions of the people who called themselves “Arya,” that is, the Indo-Aryans and the Indo-Iranians, with other peoples and nations of the ancient world, ...
Ecological Readings in the Veda: Matter – Energy – Life
The Vedas are indisputably among the oldest of mankind’s documents. Which Dr. Marta Vannucci rummages through to address a highly enigmatic question: How man evolved as Man: thinking, discriminating, thought-communicating? Or, yet more specifically, how did he come to identify cause-effect relatio...
Human Ecology in the Vedas
Directing his view towards the whole universe holistically, amazingly, the ‘Rigvedic man — as this study shows — was awakened to the cosmic Law and Order (Rita); he saw how nothing: nature, environment, or the universe itself, was ever static; and how the orderly Energy was at the root of all ...
Vedic God Mitra
The Vedic God Mitra was highly revered and invoked for proper fulfilment of civil and religious acts and duties. Mentioned 175 times in the Rigveda alone, He has been described as one of the most wonderful, glorious and mighty of the Vedic gods. This work presents a synthetic study of the evolution ...