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Delicious Encounters

Katy Dalal’s Delicious Encounters includes recipes for all occasions – from festivals to impromptu dinners. Drawing from cuisines across India and expressly modifying European fare to suit the Indian palate, the book lays out breakfast, lunch, brunch, t...

Jamva Chaloji

Katy Dalal’s Jamva Chaloji contains all the traditional recipes which are a hallmark of Parsi cuisine, from fish vindaloo, to sado gos no pulao, to tareli kormi. With colourful photographs and detailed cooking instructions, the book would delight any lagan-nu...

Jamva Chaloji - 2

Katy Dalal’s Jamva Chaloji now has a sequel, with all the traditional Parsi dishes that could not find a place in Part One. It specifically includes rare recipes that today have been forgotten, such as tadi-na-sekta-ni-sing (drumsticks cooked in toddy) and pa...

Seafood Fiesta

Katy Dalal’s Seafood Fiesta is a unique presentation of exclusive fish recipes. The seafood aficionado draws from the cuisines of all the major coastal states of India, such as Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Bengal, and even includes international seafood delights...