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A Little bit of Nothingness

The teachings of Karl Renz are a bit like Zen Koans — those short statements that stop the minds activity by contemplating their paradoxical meaning. But Karl takes you even further: pondering his words have the power to turn the mind back upon itself, toward...

Am I - I Am

Am I - I Am is an assortment of delectable snippets from various talks of Karl Renz - talks which Karl often refers to as ‘Living Words’.

These ‘Living Words’ are best described in Karl’s own words as those “with...

Echoes of Silence

Watch out. This is not another of those feel-good ‘oneness’ Advaita books. This one is a double-barrelled shotgun taking pot shots at the conceptualising mind -one barrel being fired by the great Indian mystic-sage Dattatreya (Avadhut) and the other by ...

Heaven and Hell

‘You don’t need this book!’ Karl would say, ‘You stand to gain absolutely nothing from it. He would probably add he hopes nobody gains or understands anything from him. What’s more, he would mean it!
In Karl you encounter Advai...

May It Be As It Is

"People always ask 'what do you think about unknotting the karmic knot? That's Vedanta. Unknotting your tendencies by techniques, by meditation or something. You come to me, we are doing the opposite! I put so many knots in your blood...

The Lies About Truth

The truth which can be spoken is, for sure, not the truth. Truth is never beautiful and beauty is never true. Thats the first premise in Tao, says Karl. For someone who summarily dismisses any possibility of anyone ever knowing truth, its a wonder that this guy Kar...

The Song of Irrelevance

‘Extreme’- that’s how seasoned Advaita buffs would term the Karl Renz brand of Advaita, suggesting compromise as an option. However the option of compromising or not itself gets burnt out in the untamed fire of Karl’s living words.

Worry and be Happy

Decoding Karl is akin to understanding electricity: simply cannot be done. Its effects, though, may be felt and described. That’s what you may encounter here in Worry And Be Happy.
It’s the welcome release from needing any release which makes Ka...