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Agneya-Kona of Bharatavarsha

The book focuses on the cultural developments of Agneya-Kona (the south-east India) and their contributions to the development of humanity, and highlights the concocted history of Bharatavarsha, especially of Agneya-Kona.
The author projects many artefacts ...

Kama in the Land of Kamakala

The entire Mahanadi River Valley is stated to be the land of Kamakala, Uddiyana-Pitha and erotic art. Kamakala means the art of desire; the divine Kamakala is symbolized in the shape of two circular components, the overall shape signifying the union of male and fem...

Tantric Hedonism of Mahanadi Valley

Man has the quality to plunge, dive and strike to the inner moods through Tantric Yoga for self-realization. Tantra is a parallel cultivation of the Vedic wisdom through which India reached its topmost zenith. Based on t...