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Ethics and Culture: Some Contemporary Indian Reflections Vol. 2
The present anthology is a collection of eleven articles on distinguished thinkers of contemporary India about values in general written by the members of the Value Group, Centre of Advanced Study in Philosophy, Jadavpur University. The eleven thinkers whose perspectives are elaborated in this volum...
Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy (Vol. 23, no. 1)
Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy is a refereed, bi-issue journal, in English (No. 1) and Bengali (No. 2) published annually by the Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. The journal volume in Bengali is titled Darsan Biksa. The journal is devoted to the publication of original ...
Through the Lens of Dharma-Ethics
Notwithstanding the profound and vast dimension of the concept of Dharma as such, Through the Lens of Dharma-Ethics, the author has endeavoured to put forward some of the metaphysical affirmations on which the feasibility of Dharma-Ethics as a discipline reposes. This volume primarily concerns itsel...