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Bhagavad Gita: A Sublime Hymn of Yoga, Composed by the Ancient Seer Vyasa
Indisputably one of the world’s best-known books, the Bhagavad Gita embodies the quintessence of classical Upanishadic philosophy, presented in the form of a dialogue between Krishna, the archetypal teacher, and Arjuna, the archetypal human being caught in the grip of a monumental crisis. For anyo...
Love and Devotion
Developed from Guru Nitya’s talks given at the Stanford and Portland State Universities, the book represents a study in the universal force of love in two major examples of sacred and prophetic literature : Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam and the poetry of St. John of the Cross. The foundation of Guru ...
Neither This Nor That But . . . Aum — One Hundred Meditations Based on Narayana Guru’s Atmopadesa Satakam
The volume embodies a highly stimulating mystic composition : Atmopadesha Shatakam, literally “One Hundred Verses of Self-Instruction”, unfolding magnificently the relationship of man with cosmos. Written, originally in Malayalam, by Narayana Guru: a mystic, philosopher, visionary, and poet of y...
Psychology of Darsana Mala
The Darshanmala, one of the last major works of Narayana Guru, contains 100 verses lucidly expressing the guru's unitive vision expounding the core of Vedantic wisdom. Here, Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati, using his deep scholarship in western psychological thought, masterfully examines this wisdom from ...
That Alone, The Core of Wisdom — A Commentary on Atmopadesa Satakam, the One Hundred Verses of Self-Instruction of Narayana Guru
“With this verse you are entering into an intense spiritual discipline.” Thus concludes the commentary of the first verse of Atmopadesha Shatakam, the One Hundred Verses of Self Instruction of Narayana Guru, the best known of his major works. Epitomizing the essence of Guru-disciple transmission...
The Saundaryalahari (Anandalahari)
This book comprises the first part of Saundarya Lahari (The Upsurging Billow of Beauty), popularly known as Ananda Lahari, covering the first forty-one verses. This poetic work has fascinated generations of scholars and laypersons with the sublime beauty of the verses in praise of the Devi, but also...