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Ancient Indian Historiography — Sources and Interpretations
In ancient India, learning and literature flourished at different levels and concerned almost all broad disciplines of knowledge. One such stream was historiography as we find a rich tradition of history-writing maintained over the centuries. This book examines the evolution of the tradition of hist...
Early Indian Historical Tradition and Archaeology — Puranic Kingdoms and Dynasties with Genealogies, Relative Chronology and Date of Mahabharata War
In mankind’s history, India’s is the longest literary tradition —”so ancient that it cannot be illustrated either by con- temporary books or from monuments”. The Rigveda, indisputably the oldest literary work, was written at a time when many a great, old-world civilization lay in the wombs...
Evolution of Historiographical Tradition in Ancient and Medieval India
In India, historical writing was a tradition that evolved in different ways in the ancient, medieval and modern periods of history. Several traditions of historiography evolved during the centuries. This volume is an attempt to present a systematic and comprehensive history of historical writing in ...
Facets of Ancient Indian History and Culture — New Perception
Facets of Ancient Indian History and Culture: New Perception is an attempt to study various phases of ancient Indian history and culture in a new light and present fresh approaches to understanding and interpreting historical information and evidences. Prof. G. P. Singh here examines aspects of anci...
Historicity of Rama and Krsna — Literary, Historical, Archaeological and Scientific Perspectives
This monograph is a research-based disquisition on the historicity of Rama and Krishna. Their historicity has been proved on the combined testimony of literature, history, archaeology and science. The work is largely based on original sources. It deals with all relevant aspects of the subject. It pr...
Perspectives on Indian History, Historiography and Philosophy of History
The volume is a collection of papers on certain aspects of Indian history, historiography and culture. The papers are fundamental, insightful and path-breaking to some extent. Combining literary, archaeological, scientific and other perspectives, they cover a range of subjects stretching from ancien...
Political Thought in Ancient India — Emergence of the State, Evolution of Kingship and Inter-State Relations based on the Saptanga Theory of State
Ancient Indians were a highly organized polity, with a well-established worldview of the Rajya (the State). And also of its seven distinct organs: svamin (the king), amatyas (the ministers), janapada/rashtra (the territory and the people), durgas/pura (the forts/capital), kosha (the treasury), danda...
Republics, Kingdoms, Towns and Cities in Ancient India
Ancient Indian polity took a new turn with the emergence of republics in the post-Vedic age. The history of republics covers the period from the age of the Mahabharata to the fourth century AD. Dr. G.P. Singh here comprehensively, yet incisively, studies the rise, growth and fall of republics in an...