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Avadhesh Kumar Singh| Home
Ramayana through the Ages
The long and continuous tradition of Rama-Katha existed in many folk and oral forms before Adikavi Valmiki composed it in Sanskrit in written form as the Ramayana, “a book of divine harmony . . . a bottomless and shoreless ocean of love, piety and clemency.” The subsequent centuries witnessed c...
Revisiting Literature, Criticism and Aesthetics in India
The declining decades of the 20th century witnessed discussion of various issues pertaining to colonialism, postcolonialism, literary criticism and aesthetics in India. The present book in its four parts “Word, World and Perception”, “Colonialism and After”, “Literature and Theorizing in I...
Valmiki Ramayana: Voices and Visions
Valmiki Ramayana, the first kavya (poetic composition) and the first mahakavya (epic) of the world, is an inexhaustible fountain of culture and knowledge. It has impacted infinite minds and souls in India and abroad, and continues to inspire and engage creative and critical minds, and will remain so...
Voice of Women — Gargi to Gangasati
This volume comprises articles that examine the contribution of women saints from India and abroad as well. The articles discuss the origin of bhakti, the Bhakti Movement, and bhakti/saint poetesses like Rishika Gargi, theris, Andal, Lal Ded, Akka Mahadevi, Mirabai, Gangasati, Tarigonda Vengamamba,...