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Christianity for Hindus
Christianity is the world’s largest religion today: about 33.6 per cent of the world’s population has Christianity as their religion. It is also a religion that struck roots early in India — as early as middle of the first century ce. The book is an account on Christianity that blends aspects ...
Decolonizing Indian Studies
The present Indian academic self-understanding of its history and culture is largely Western in origin. This Western intellectual enterprise, however, went hand in hand with a Western political enterprise, i.e. the colonization of India. This raises the question: To what extent, if any, did the two ...
Hinduism on its Own Terms
Hinduism, due to its proteanness, is more a way of life rather than a creed. The Hindu tradition recognizes the Vedas as its foundational scripture, Hinduism itself being indigenously known as Vaidika Dharma. Shruti and Smriti are the primary sources of Hinduism, where the former connotes the Vedas ...
Islam for Hindus
The book discusses the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam with a view to enabling people of other religions to study the principles of Islam and to understand the similarities and differences between religions. In simple language, it deals with the concept of a prophet, the life of Prophet M...
New Curve in the Ganges — Mahatma Gandhi’s Interpretation of Hinduism
Gandhi’s struggle for the Indian Independence will ever remain in the mind of all generations but no less significant was his fight for social equality of the Untouchables. He himself had suffered its pain as he was excommunicated by his caste on his return from England. For Gandhi, untouchability...
New Focus on Hindu Studies
This work surveys the state of Hindu studies over the ages by studying the history of Hinduism in four periods: Vedic Hinduism, Classical Hinduism, Medieval Hinduism and Modern Hinduism. Commencing the study with some general observations on the study of Hinduism such as confinement of the study by ...
Quest for Serenity in World Religions
Every religion, even ideology, needs to provide its followers with ways of coping with the vicissitudes of life, especially when personal tragedy tears a gaping hole in the fabric of meaning. This book describes the search for serenity as found in what are conventionally referred to as the world rel...
Sea-shell as Silver: A Metaphorial Excursion into Advaita Vedanta
The question of the relationship between the ultimate reality of the universe, and its proximate reality as experienced by us, is apt to boggle the mind, given the vastness of the dimensions involved. The distinction between it and us is like the difference between an avalanche and a snowflake. Neve...
Sourcebook of Classical Hindu Thought
This volume presents material drawn from the classical Hindu texts, as well as other sources, to familiarize readers with the outlines of classical Hindu thought. It provides a bunch of readings organized around certain set concepts, quarried from Hindu religious texts of the past. It discusses mate...
Windows to World Religions
The volume is concerned with the role of religion in the present day. Presenting proceedings of a global “Congress on World’s Religions after September 11” held in September 2006 at Montreal, Canada, it stresses the need for interfaith friendships to develop understanding between faiths and re...
World as Dream
The ontological status of the world has been a subject of much philosophical speculation despite the fact that the world is an existential given. According to some philosophers, such existential givenness could turn out to be comparable to the earth's apparent flatness, with the actual truth turning...
World as Image
There is something profoundly counter-intuitive about Advaita Vedanta. Nothing is more obvious to both the philosophical as well as the non-philosophical observer than the fact that multiplicity constitutes the basic datum of our experience. Variety is not only the spice of life — it is a cardinal...