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Core Decore

Overall the book calls the reader to develop the values of the soul which are much more important than the moral values we have grown with. Also get a deeper psychological understanding on why some people annoy us so much and why we find some people very irritating...

Mind and Meditation

Mind and Meditation opens the doors of wisdom for people interested in knowing what meditation is and how to meditate.
In this book, Dr Amit Jain uncovers the secrets of our mind, so that we can awaken. In simple words, this book prepares us for me...

Zen Kama Sutra

Zen Kamasutra is loaded with esoteric wisdom on how to achieve samadhi through transforming sex. It uncovers the mystery of gods and goddesses, why Hindus worship the Shiva Lingam and why is sex sacred?  What is Kundalini? How and why to rais...