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As we all know, publishing involves a variety of jobs, like composing, editing, layout, designing, paper selection, printing and so on. For the intellectuals/authors, who are keen on publishing their works but wishing simultaneously to avoid the many hassles to get his/her work published through a publisher, here is an option: self-publishing. Under this, D.K. Printworld offers these authors a range of services for getting their work printed � from copyediting and composition to publicity and actual printing of the work. Once we get the details about the project the authors have in hand, we can provide the estimated cost as well as the infrastructure to get everything done: from copyediting to dispatch of the material. We offer all this at very cost-effective rates. Once we receive your manuscript and get to know about your special requirements for the project, we will make the necessary assessment and get back to you with all details, including the cost involved, within a short period of time. And, finally, if you are satisfied with our response and decide upon taking our offer, we will get on to the job: from A to Z. Throughout, however, we will keep you involved in the work.