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We invite societies, research centres/institutions and university departments to have their research studies, projects or other academic works published though us if the proposed-to-be-published works deal with any of the varied Indological themes like history, philosophy, culture, religion, art and architecture, literature and linguistics, polity, jurisprudence, science and astronomy and the other related disciplines. To our credit, we already have successful tie-ups with some of leading universities and institutes in India and abroad in this direction. D.K. Printworld, as co-publishers of your scholarly works, would provide you all the services: from composition of the texts and their proof-reading to their designing and quality printing leave alone our efforts towards their publicity and sale in Indian markets and those abroad.

Infrastructural Support

D.K. Printworld wishes to assure you that it has the complete infrastructure involved in book manufacture: including, for instance, sophisticated mechanisms for phototypesetting, printmaking, laser printing (backed with DTP), scanning through high-ended scanners, photo correction and enhancement through CAPs (computer-assisted programmes), besides a full-fledged production department to look after typesetting, proofing, paper buying, printing, and binding, And there is a whole team of professional copy editors, lay-out/book designers, artists, blurb/review writers, publicity campaigners and the like to ensure that books published by us are qualitative in content and aesthetic in outward appeal.