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We are committed to publishing highly rated doctoral theses, project/investigative reports, interpretative/critically analytical studies, and other well-researched/well-documented works, relevant to Indic, Buddhist and Islamic Studies.

Indian Civilization: An Inexhaustible Research Area

The antiquity of Indian civilization is exciting, its vitality miraculous! And, therefore, it affords limitless possibilities to the scholars to probe into the constituents religions, philosophical systems, literature, mythology, architecture, sculptures and other arts, social institutions, laws, ethical codes, astronomy, mathematics and other sciences  that have gone into its many-splendoured evolution across the rolling centuries.

Yet the published word on Indian heritage today is characterized by a marked deficiency  increasingly eclipsed, as it stays, by other contemporaneous areas of humanities and social sciences. At the same time, there is clearly no dearth of eminent and committed scholars in the field or young and promising researchers who are adding new dimensions to the subject through their approaches and perspectives of study.

So who can tell, notwithstanding the monumental contributions of Orientalists/historians like Sir William Jones, Professor Max Muller, Sir John Marshall, J. Griffiths, Sir W.W. Hunter, Anne Wilson, Charles Wilson, Ananda Coomaraswamy, James Burgess, B.C. Law, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the best in Indic Studies may be yet to come?

Invitation to Authors

We invite manuscripts for publication from established as well as promising young authors from India and abroad. If you have any work awaiting publication, please send us details of your manuscripts  which may be doctoral theses, investigative reports, analytical studies, or any other well-documented work relevant to Indic, Buddhist and Islamic studies.

What you have to do

Send us proposals of your manuscript. To provide us details about yourself and the manuscript, you may provide us details in the Questionnaire.