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 Ever alive to the publishing trends worldwide, we have already carved out a place for ourselves in the book world as distinctive publishers of Indological works. We have attempted to give Indic Studies a lift-up in our own way, largely through our publishing support to the established/promising authors of Indic/Buddhist/Islamic works.
Discovering India and Indian Culture: still a fascinating subject !

India’s is perhaps the oldest civilization. Which in both legend and homebred tradition, goes millennia beyond the vision of contemporary archaeologists.
The Indian seers wrote the Rgveda, indisputably the world’s oldest literary monument, at a time when the great  old-world civilizations lay in the wombs of futurity. Standing quite by themselves, “high up on an isolated peak of remote antiquity”, its hymns are older than the literary fragments from Egypt, older than the Avesta.
The epoch-making discoveries of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, only in the 1920s, have irrefutably established the existence — during the fourth and third millennia before the birth of Christ— of a highly developed civilization: the Indus Valley, which, according to Sir John Marshall and other eminent archaeologists, not only was older than both the Egyptian and the Babylonian civilizations, but is also believed to have had a long historical past — in which Mohenjo-daro and Harappa represented a mere phase.

Endless Potential
As one of the world’s oldest civilizations — with amazing achievements in the realms of spirituality, philosophy, yoga, mathematics, astronomy, literature, linguistics, architecture, medicine, fine arts and music, among others, Indian heritage constitutes one of the longest, most splendid chapters in mankind’s history — offering endless possibilities of research and fresh interpretations.